Many of us would agree that the best sex is absolutely spontaneous. That means that you can have it right here and right now without much of thinking. However, a different approach and slightly planned act of love allows us to reach even higher level of satisfaction. Recent studies show that most people are able to experience the best sex only when they have the right mindset by preparing for it in advance. In most cases, we do have time to get ourselves going when we are waiting for a hot date to come by or when a partner is returning from a long business trip. We will share nine advices from experts on what to do to make sex bring you both physical and emotional heaven.

24 hours left before sex

Step 1. Get yourself into the mood. Start thinking about sexy things and what really drives you. At this point it is too early to think about what will you do with your partner in bed. So rather than thinking about particular actions, remember who interests you in an erotic way. Try to remember some hot scenes from a recently watched movie or a sexy picture that you’ve seen on the internet. Others find books or articles helpful, so do some reconnaissance reading first.


Step 2. Complete all unfinished tasks. In practice, thinking about sexual things can be tricky if you are worried about your agenda. Try to solve all your tasks before the big night, then just relax. This will help you not to have the thoughts about job on your mind and you will be able to devote all your energy to pleasant experiences. If you are planning a romantic trip, it is very useful to set your e-mail into vacation mode. The less distractions you get, the more quality preparation phase will be.

Step 3. Take care of yourself. If you enjoy a shaved intimate area, prepare your body at least 24 hours prior to a romantic date. Taking care of your sensitive places may cause a small amount of skin cracks during a sexual intercourse. This can even lead to an infection, so it is very important to prepare yourself beforehand so the skin would have time to recover.

Step 4. Send erotic messages. Be sure to include your partner in this stage of preparation. Look for unprecedented erotic games, sex poses or send a teasing picture of yourself to your partner, telling who is waiting for him or her. This will further encourage your partner to see you as soon as possible and will create an appropriate atmosphere.

Try also to explore what you both like the most. Text your partner questioning what does he or she fantasizes about. What kind of new things or poses a partner would be interested in trying out. There’s always a place to evolve sexually, so it’s only a matter of conversation that usually separates people from trying new things. Most people never get to cross this border. You should not be one of them.


12 hours left before sex

Step 5. Eat appropriate food. By eating selected food not only you can get some aphrodisiac, but also avoid abdominal bloating or bad mouth smells. If you have planned to eat cabbage, apple or beans for lunch, they will not leave you alone for the rest of your day. They will fill your stomach, and you will not be able to relax. Not only that. If your digestive system is sensitive enough, you can even ruin the whole evening. Our organism works in a way which prioritizes our irritants, so if the stomach pain will be hard enough, your sex vibe will be brought down to zero.

Step 6. Visit the nearest sex shop. This is always a positive thing to do before a special night. The atmosphere, sounds, mood — everything there is created to provoke your sexual passion. Not necessarily you have to buy something, but the images of dildo or other sex toys (sexleketøy) will definitely stay in your head for the rest of the day. Of course, if you haven’t tried anything from BDSM yet, you should also consider buying some tools or toys. It will allow you and your partner develop sexually and fulfill your hidden fantasies. However, it is suggested to talk about this step with your partner beforehand. Otherwise, if he or she isn’t ready for it, it can be a tough surprise.


1 hour left before sex

Step 7. Leave all your troubles at work. If you agreed to meet with your partner immediately after work, leave everything that is related to your profession at work to become fully emotional and sex oriented. You can feel that by quickly taking a shower, igniting pleasantly sparkling candles or dimming the lights in the room. To relax even more, spend few minutes reading your favorite book or maybe watch an erotic movie with your partner. This will speed up your blood circulation, especially after a long workday.


Step 8. Heat yourself up. If you bought some sex tools previously or have a dildo at your house, it’s a perfect time to get yourself going. Not necessarily from practical side, but theory wise as well. This is far not less important. For example, if you have a new tool for sex, explore its capabilities going online, find how it is used. This will not only protect you from awkward situations when trying new things with your partner, but will also provide a needed emotional click. Girls usually get crazy about dildo, even if they don’t admit it. For men it’s always easier, but the truth is that both partners should explore what really drives them on.

Step 9. Calm down before going wild! Before preparing for an orgasm it is important to relax. If you’re not relaxed enough, your muscles will not be able to get loose and this can lead to issues in bed. Take advantage of the meditative apps on your phone, focus on your breathing or listen to the mood music. Before you start working in bed, the best thing you can do is to think about your partner. Focus on what’s going on at this particular moment. It’s like mental exercise. Another great thing is to get into a shower or bath. Hot water not only helps to loosen the muscles, but it also helps to clear your mind effortlessly.


You see timing is everything for having an amazing sex. But not only that is important. The sequence of each step written here is also vital. If you mix something up or miss a step or two, the result might not be so accomplishing. Of course, some of these advices might be taken individually, because what works for one couple, not necessarily will work for another. We usually possess our personal relaxation habits and know what’s best for us. But in general, it’s always good to try new things, because new experience always brings new feelings.

As long as sex is not just another boring ritual of yours, you should remember that conversation, passion and initiative are three key elements for bringing your satisfaction to another level. Take care of all these elements and we guarantee that you will be able to enjoy the heaven of pleasure without any limits!